About burger culture

Burger Culture is a combination of many talented folks with the same vision; here’s some of those people.

For the most part, we’re all related - 99% of the time this is a good thing. There’s mum and dad, also known as Ian and Sally – who are the absolute foundation for our success in business, the most selfless old codgers you could imagine, and without them, none of this would be possible. Ian has decades of experience in running businesses, consultancy work and personal growth. Sally has been moulding the minds of our youth as a teacher since she was a young whipper-snapper, so knows how to keep us all in line!




Enter Scott, our partner in burger crime, and newest addition to our wee empire. Scott first worked with us in our first year at The Vic as Chris’ right hand man in the kitchen. Scott has spent the last 20 years cooking and learning from some amazingly talented chefs and mentors from all different countries and cultures.

With a passion for simple honest & great food, as well as a keen eye for perfection, he's teamed up with Head Chef Chris and the rest of the Burger Culture family. He's Spent months of research traveling to the UK, Australia & all over NZ to bring to you a collaboration of what we believe are NZs finest burgers, donuts, beers and shakes.

We’ve always been great mates, and it’s awesome to have him on board with our dream. His creativity and passion is such an incredible asset to us, we’re very lucky to have him as an integral part of the team. 


General Manager

Phil (the oldest and wisest of the Williams crew) has been slaving in hospitality for 16 years. From the days of pouring pints in an old country pub as a wee 16-year-old, look at him now! GM of two venues with more to come (fingers crossed).

He’s done it all, bars, pubs, restaurants, function centres, hotels etc. He owes a lot to the industry, because without it he wouldn’t have met his incredible wife, Alice (Accountant extraordinaire), and he wouldn’t have his two beautiful boys – Ryan and Joshua. Thankfully these three stick around to keep him sane.

It's Phil's unfortunate task to keep us all in line and on track. We love him for it, as otherwise nothing would ever get done.


Executive Chef

Chris is our Head Chef and one of the brothers. He has had a passion for food since he was 13 years old, and since then has always wanted to share his gift with others.

Thankfully he has grown out of his lemon chicken phase, which haunted our dinner table as kids (there was more lemon than there was chook). After a challenging apprenticeship at Auckland’s renowned Sky City, he soon learnt the secrets to creating some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. He trained under some of New Zealand’s best chefs, and spent a year working at Peter Gordon’s “Dine”.

He was once told by an old teacher that if he didn’t focus, he’d wind up flipping burgers – awkward. Good thing he co-owns the business then!


Operations Manager

Zoe, the youngest sibling, is the Operations Manager, focusing on the day to day running of the joint. She’s been in the biz since she was 15 and managing since the age of 19. Since then she has grown in knowledge and passion for the industry and truly understands what it means to be trusted with customer’s time and money, to bring them the best experience possible.

Having recently come back from being Assistant Manager of a popular Bristol restaurant she is ready to get stuck into providing Nelson and New Zealand with a burger and bar experience not seen before. She is young, but she is smarter than all her other brothers (which they don’t like to admit). She’s come a long way since almost knocking someone out with a champagne cork.

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The Neighbouring Bro

There’s also Howie; a busy man, who runs the successful bar and restaurant next door yet still finds time to be an important part of the team at Burger Culture. His experience is invaluable, his skills priceless and his child like wit intolerable. You will either catch him pouring pints next door, drinking pints and eating burgers at BC, or looking after his supportive wife, Samantha, and beautiful daughter, Isabelle.

He has been in the hospitality industry most of his working life and carries the values and charisma that have made him extremely good at his job. So if you see him around feel free to approach him and ask him for an interesting fact. He has loads of them (all useless but you can’t be perfect, can you?)


Assistant Operations Manager

And where would any business be without great staff? Madolyn joined our family against her will in 2012 at The Vic, as an adopted sister-type. After leaving for a while to add more skills to her 14 or so years of experience, she’s back (they aaaalways come back) as our Assistant Ops Manager.

She is an absolute machine when it comes to all things front of house from her exceptional standard of service to her management tact, incredible work ethic and love for the industry – not to mention she’s a proper good laugh (let’s just say, the hair colour lives up to the stereotype, blonde).


Head Chef

Kieran is Mad’s better half, and he’s taken on the role of Sous Chef. Kieran has many years’ experience as a chef; having trained under an Italian chef, and as the former Head Chef at another local venue.

He is the calm and composure that we all need, and when the pans start flying, K.B. is the man to keep things chill. This clean freak is the perfect complement to the tornado that is Chris Williams, and they will make an amazing team.


Duty Manager

Boosting the Kiwi contingency is David. This baby-faced kid is our only part-timer, spending the rest of his hours studying social work at NMIT. With an absolute heart of gold, and pair of sassy pants for every day of the week, you’ll get nothing but love and solid banter from this Bieber lookalike.

He’s been working alongside us next door for the past couple of years and has shone as a key asset to our business. Solid work-ethic, good fun, and swag for days. Tell him how young he looks, he really appreciates it



Duty Manager

We’ve gone to great lengths to get this character on board, making sure he caught his plane from the other side of the world. Harry worked with Zoe in Bristol and together they made a great team, so it’s only logical that she would hand pick him to join the burger crusade.

He’s a young wee thing, but is creative, hard-working, and shows some mighty potential - definitely one in a million (but really, we just hired him to put the kegs away). A lovable rogue with a great sense of humour and on-point customer service. Be sure to make a joke at his expense, there’s thousands to choose from.”

 Lisa   Duty Manager


Duty Manager

 Alec   Chef



 Justine   Sous Chef


Sous Chef