Want to be a part of our burger revolution? When looking for team members, we seek 5 key attributes:
1. Personality - a bit of banter goes a long way. It’s super important that we can share a laugh and have a lot of fun, whilst getting the job done.
2. Potential - in most cases when business’ hire, experience is key. Here, if you’ve got the right attitude, willingness and ability to learn quick, and a real passion for the industry, you could well be in. We prioritise giving opportunities to those that choose hospitality as a career.
3. Speed - BC is a fast-paced, cheeky wee thang that can go from zero to 100 in the blink of an eye, so you really need to be able to move your ass.
4. Flexibility - We’re open 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re after heroes who can do anything.
5. Reliability - This is about being a team player. If you can consistently be on time, and hook a brother/sister up when the going gets tough it’s more valuable than gold.

In return, we offer an exclusive staff privilege scheme to all our employees. You’ll find out the full goss when you’re hired, but here’s a sneak peak;
- Sweet discounts at various stores, bars, restaurants around town.
- Sales rebate incentives to give you extra coin in your pocket.
- Weekend rates to make working when all ya mates are off a little less painful
- Gym membership, and a whole bunch of other stuff that looks after your physical and emotional health.


There are currently no vacancies. Please try again soon.