The inspiration for our menu is made up of 3 key concepts;

1. Homemade or locally sourced produce that is prepared fresh, on-site, every day.
2. Unique and original offerings that push the boundaries.
3. Tasty, satisfying products that promote indulgence and putting the joy back in eating; be who you are and eat whatever the hell you want.

Our entire menu is made with love, and we have spent hours perfecting recipes to ensure you are delivered the best product possible. Here’s how we’re unique;

  • We bake our burger buns in-house, every morning.

  • Our beef patties are hand minced on-site.

  • Freshly fried donuts.

  • Using local, ethical produce and suppliers.

  • Partnered with local beeroes, Hop Federation.

  • We make all our own sodas.

  • Nelson’s best milkshakes with original flavours.

  • 100% original cocktails from our staff’s own recipes.

So, rest assured, we’ve thought this through.