The inspiration for our menu is made up of 3 key concepts;

1. Homemade or locally sourced produce that is prepared fresh, on-site, every day.
2. Unique and original offerings that push the boundaries.
3. Tasty, satisfying products that promote indulgence and putting the joy back in eating; be who you are and eat whatever the hell you want.

011668 Burger Culture Menu - A3 to DL_v11-1.jpg

Our entire menu is made with love, and we have spent hours perfecting recipes to ensure you are delivered the best product possible. Here’s how we do it;

  • By baking our buns in-house, every morning. The final bread product eventually came, after trialling about 16 different recipes to get it exactly right – soft, fluffy, delicious.

  • Our beef patties are freshly minced on-site from 3 different cuts of the cow to make a perfectly tender, flavour-rich, juicy burger.

  • Great burgers aren’t great without a good cheese. We use NZ cheeses and incorporate a moulding agent to give it the perfect sticky consistency you crave.

  • Our donuts are proved perfectly, and filled or coated with a range of delicious home-made curds, jams, sherbets, caramels and ganache’s. We’ve gone all out on these bad boys!

  • We use local produce such as Rai Valley bacon, free-range meats, fresh salad, fruits and vegetables.

  • We’ve partnered with local beeroes, Simon and Nicki Nicholas at Hop Federation – in our opinion, they are the best the region has to offer!

  • We make all our own sodas. We spend a great deal of time simmering up the right flavour combination to make your taste buds dance; from spiced lemonade, to our very own Culture cola. We do also have the standard coke and sprite available though, in case you’re feeling classical.

  • Our milkshakes flavours are also created on the premise, and mixed with the perfect base recipe that isn’t too sweet but definitely hits the spot. We chuck a donut on there for good measure as well.

  • Stock a unique and ever-changing range of spirits, from which we make some pretty damn good cocktails if we do say so ourselves! Always original, always delicious.

So, rest assured, we’ve thought this through. Check out our full menu to really get your appetite going.